Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce the opening of Lighthouse Wellness Center for the treatment of Depression, PTSD, Migraines and Chronic Pain Syndromes. 

Numerous studies have shown that Ketamine IV infusions may help these conditions as an adjunct to other standard treatments. When Ketamine is administered via intravenous infusion over the course of 40 minutes for Depression and up to 4 hours for the treatment of PTSD and Chronic Pain syndromes, quick improvement of symptoms has been documented. These improvements may last for several days or months. A series of infusions are recommended so that symptom relief may have a longer lasting duration of action.  

Ketamine is effective in 70% of patients with treatment resistance depression.

Ketamine Infusion Therapy is meant to enhance the patient’s treatment as part of a comprehensive Psychiatric treatment plan. It is important for each patient to be followed by the principal referring provider after each treatment.

The FDA notes, under “Precautions“ for the use of Ketalar (Ketamine), that: “Ketalar should be used by or under the direction of physicians experienced in the administration of anesthetics and in the maintenance of an airway, and in the control of respiration.” The FDA also states under “Warning” the following: “Cardiac function should be continually monitored during a procedure in patients found to have hypertension or cardiac decompensation.”

Given the criteria cited by the FDA, an Anesthesiologist is best suited to administer an IV Ketamine Infusion.  I have been a practicing anesthesiologist and pain management specialist for 37 years, the last 20 years at Connecticut Orthopaedic Surgical Center in Branford, CT.  

If you have additional questions about Ketamine Infusion Therapy or would like to learn more about the protocol that we have established, please feel free to contact me directly. 

If you are already familiar with Ketamine Infusion Therapy and would like to refer a patient, please complete the referral form and email it to or have your patient contact our office at 203-399-2123 to schedule an appointment.

Best Regards,
Frank Ferrer MD.

Patient Referral Form

For providers who wish to refer a patient to Lighthouse Wellness Center, please download the following PDF form. Completed forms can be emailed to