If the medications you’re taking for chronic pain, anxiety, or depression aren’t working well for you, it’s time to consider the benefits of Ketamine Infusion Therapy.

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Ketamine Infusion Therapy
Ketamine Infusion Therapy
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Chronic Pain
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Patient Testimonials

"I have been doing really well with my relief from Fibromyalgia. I’m very grateful I had access to the treatment. I will follow-up if I need a booster. Thank you!"

– Colleen

"Dear Doc and Toni, Thank you so much for your help. It was so easy to get started right away in a time when I was feeling like I was running out of time. You were always both so supportive and encouraging. Please know how grateful and appreciative I am."

– Michelle

"I had a series of Ketamine treatments with Dr. Ferrer and I’ve had a tremendous amount of success with my symptoms of Hyper vigilance and Depression as a result of PTSD. My best description of this is, I have more patience and there’s more space for me to recognize there’s a trigger and this allows me to then decide how I want to manage it. I can allow it to be, and not engage with it, or I can remove myself from the situation. The great thing is, I’m not just reacting anymore."

– Ed

Ketamine Infusion Therapy In The News

Patients with chronic pain tout the benefits of ketamine

by Brenda Goodman, CNN | December 26, 2023

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Nothing seemed to treat their depression. Then they tried ketamine.

by Meryl Kornfield | September 12, 2022

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